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1. Chronoamperometry Measurements determines the dissolution of metals with time at constant potentialand also at constant current.

2.  Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), provides important mechanistic and kinetic information for corrosion studies.

3.  Cyclic Voltammetry is applied to study the oxidation-reduction reactions for an electrochemical system.

The Lab also offers Non destructive testing services including Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Dye-penetrant,Eddy current, and Magnetic particle inspections. These tests are conducted to determine the additionalanomalies or cracks that may exist in the failed parts
Corrosion Lab is equipped with:

i) Potentiostat

ii) Thickness measurement machine

iii) Dye panetrant with flourence developer

iv) Ultrasonic pulse echo testing machine with straight beam probe

v) Ultrasonic phase array testing machine


CEREM coating lab offers an extensive range ofcapabilities to prepare and characterize various types ofprotective coatings for industrial applications such as:Epoxy coating /2 pack solvent based system,Epoxy coating water based system,Polyurethane/2 pack solvent based system,Polyurethane water based system.