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1. Metallic Materials:

CEREM research is focused on the development of nanostructure materials, high strength low alloy steels and super alloys as well as texture analysis of metallic materials with advanced characterization techniques such as XRD, EBSD, EDAX, SEM and TEM etc.


2. Composites:

Revolutionary advances in composites occurred from the use of Nanotechnology in self-healing material development and other high performance materials. The Center is focused on the technological
advancements in Nanocomposite and will provide an efficient and timely transfer and implementation of new technology and techniques to the industry.


3. Corrosion:

Due to the harsh environment and aggressive nature of the industries, Corrosion investigations is a major area of interest for CEREM that includes corrosion of plant components, rotating equipments, pipelines, storage tanks, bridges and platforms. The Center acts as the leading source of information on the different techniques for corrosion protection and encourages research to ensure better understanding of the preservation of the structures under
severe environmental conditions.

4. Computer Modeling & Simulation:

We specialize in process modeling and simulation technologies to predict performance and optimize design including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. Our professionals apply these technologies to study the material deformation, process fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer analysis. These advanced technologies also provide unique opportunities to test design changes, process development and help to understand why products, machinery and process fail.