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1.Analytical Services

At CEREM our analytical and testing experts are skilled in a variety of disciplines including material engineering, chemical engineering and polymers. This collective force of experience along with our state of the art testing capabilities enables us to provide analytical services in a wide range of industries such as chemical/refinery, oil & gas, pipelines, water and power industry.

Our services include:

  • Microstructural evaluation with SEM, EBSD, EDAX, and TEM.
  • Surface and thin film analysis.
  • Physical property measurements.
  • Trace chemical analysis.
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry analysis.
  • Thermo gravimetric analysis.
  • X-ray Diffraction analysis

2.Corrosion Engineering Servces

Corrosion-related problems result in unexpected failures, expensive downtime, lost production, and increased maintenance costs. Our experts have extensive experience of commonly used engineering materials, and the corrosive environments that are typically encountered in industry.
Following are the services that we offer for Corrosion engineering:

  • Corrosion control, Corrosion monitoring and Data management.
  • Cathodic & Anodic protection
  • Gravimetric Measurements (weight loss measurements and evaluation of corrosion inhibitors).
  • Protective Coatings and Linings.
  • Chemical Inhibition: Calculation of corrosion rate and inhibition efficiency.
  • Surface analysis using SEM-EDAX and Optical Microscopy.
  • Electrochemical measurements including potentiodynamic & potentiostatic measurements, Cyclic voltametry, Impedence spectroscopy and Chronoamperometry.

3.Mechanical Testing Services

Material performance is the key factor underlying all engineered products and processes. To engineer a solution, you need to thoroughly understand the critical material properties for a specific environment. The materials engineers at CEREM have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the safe, economic and efficient use of materials throughout industry.
Our mechanical testing lab is equipped with wide range of equipment’s such as:

  • Universal Testing Machines with high temperature
  • Testing capabilities.
  • Hardness and Impact testing machines.
  • Fatigue and Creep testing machines.
  • Data logger (80 channel capacity) and high speed
  • Data acquisition systems.
  • Centrifugal casting machine.
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers.

4.Structure scan system

Our high capacity hydraulic presses enable us to carry out compression test of different structural elements, Bending test of beams, High frequency testing of torsion membrane and RCC frame joint, Tensile testing of reinforcing steel and fiber reinforced polymers (FRP), and strengthening of structure using FRP and other techniques.
We offer testing services including Tensile testing at high temperature, Compression testing, Fatigue and Creep testing, and applying any mode of deformation that suits the industry needs.

5.Nondestructive testing Services

At CEREM, Our experts work as an experienced problem-solving team to determine the cause of failures. We have extensive experience in a variety of materials ranging from plain carbon steels to nickel-base super alloys. Our services related to Nondestructive Testing including Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Dye penetrant, Eddy current, and Magnetic particle inspections. These testing capabilities enables the failure analyst to determine whether additional anomalies or cracks may exist in failed parts.

6.Material Processing Services

Our material processing capabilities enable us to offer heat treatment services, attrition of metallic powders in liquid nitrogen media to produce nanostructure powders, cold and hot presses, cold and hot isostatic presses, powder sintering and the machining of samples. Our facility is equipped with:

  • Mechanical Attrition machine.
  • A Complete line of heat treating facilities.
  • Extrusion machines.
  • CNC Engraving milling machine.
  • Gate Anilam CNC milling 3000M.
  • Jessey Major Turning machine.
  • HS503 Hizal milling machine.
  • Hizal Electric Discharge Machine.
  • CMM measuring machine.
  • Seam Welding machine.

7.Training and Development

CEREM provides a focus for the Industry in addressing the training needs of professionals in the areas of Materials Engineering. These include the development of short courses, workshops, conferences and seminars in collaboration with International research institutes, Universities and local Industry. It strives to develop and manage a whole range of activities to a high professional standard by presenting short courses for professionals working in metals, composites, corrosion, polymers, failure analysis, and computer modeling and simulation. These courses given by leading authorities within the University augmented by international speakers provide the most up-to date developments in specific areas of interest.